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Module 25 (2015) One CE Credit in Ethics
•The Ethics of Multicultural Practice by Richard I. Ruth, PhD

Module 24 (2014) One CE Credit in Ethics
•Ethical Dilemmas in Varied Practice Settings by Prudence F. Cuper, PhD, Erica H. Wise, PhD, Molly C. Clark, PhD, ABPP, and Sarah F. Shelton, PsyD

Module 23 (2014) One CE Credit/Hour in Ethics
•Concerns About Colleagues: Re-Envisioning Our Ethical Responsibility - Adapted from the NCPA Newsletter by Erica H. Wise, PhD

Module 22 (2013) One CE Credit/Hour in Ethics
•Activism - Protecting Patient Privacy by Deborah Warner, PhD

Module 21 (2011) Two CE Credits/Hours in Ethics
•Ethics and Self-Care: A Developmental Lifespan Perspective by Erica Wise, PhD, Matt Hersh, PhD and Clare Marks Gibson, MA

Module 20 (2011) One CE Credit/Hour in Ethics
•2020 Foresight: Practicing Ethically While Doing Things That Don’t Yet Exist by John C. Linton, PhD

Module 19 (2010) One CE Credit/Hour in Ethics
•Child Abuse/Neglect Reporting: Issues and Controversies by Erica Wise, Ph.D.

Module 18 (2010) One CE Credit/Hour in Ethics
•The Case of Leo: Conflict between Student and Program Values by Prudence Cuper, MA and Erica Wise, PhD

Module 17 (2009) One CE Credit/Hour in Ethics
•Risk Management with the Suicidal Patient by Bruce Bongar, Ph.D. and Ronald Stolberg, Ph.D.

Module 1 (2009) One CE Credit/Hour in Ethics
•National Register Graduate Student Corner: Disability and Accessibility: Ethical Implications by Stacy L. Weber, MS, CRC

Module 2 (2008) One Half CE Credit/Hour in Ethics
•Ethical Considerations in Working with Couples: Confidentiality Within the Couple by Nicole D. Pukay-Martin, MA

Module 3 (2008) One CE Credit/Hour in Ethics
•Informed Consent to Psychotherapy and the American Psychological Association's Ethics Code by Celia B. Fisher, Ph.D. and Matthew Oransky

Module 4 (2008) One CE Credit/Hour in Ethics
•Self-Care as Ethical Imperative by John C. Norcross, Ph.D. and Jefferey E. Barnett, Psy.D.

Module 5 (2008) One CE Credit/Hour in Ethics
•Communication and Assessment in the Ethical Treatment of Adolescents by Emma M. Sterrett, M.A. and Jacqueline E. Donnelly, M.A.

Module 6 (2007) One CE Credit/Hour in Ethics
•What Early Career Psychologists Need to Know About Malpractice Liability by Dennis Saccuzzo, Ph.D., JD, and Nancy E. Johnson, Ph.D., JD

Module 7 (2007) One CE Credit/Hour in Ethics
•Ethics and Evidence-Based Practices: Are We Asking the Right Questions? by Richard Ruth, Ph.D.

Module 8 (2007) One CE Credit/Hour in Ethics
•Jurors in Rape Cases: Putting the Complainant on Trial by Robert Rosenthal

Module 9 (2006) One CE Credit/Hour in Ethics
•Involving Children and Adolescents in Decisions About Medical and Mental Health Treatment by Mary Ann McCabe, Ph.D.

Module 10 (2006) One CE Credit/Hour in Ethics
•National Register Graduate Student Forum: Ethical Issues in the Practice of Sexual Orientation Conversion Therapy by Evan J. Waldheter, M.A.

Module 11 (2004) Three CE Credits/Hours in Ethics
•Psychology and Patient Safety: Legal Risks in Error Reporting and Safety Improvement Activities by Bryan A. Liang, MD, Ph.D., JD

Module 12 (2004) One CE Credit/Hour in Ethics
•Reporting Obligations & Exceptions to Confidentiality for Psychologists by Erica H. Wise, Ph.D.

Module 13 (2004) Two CE Credits/Hours in Ethics and Legal Issues
•The Psychologists Legal Update 14: Psychology in the Electronic Age by Christian Holland, Esq.

Module 14 (2003) Three CE Credits/Hours in Ethics and Legal Issues
•Legal Update Part 2: Ethical Basis for Standard of Care in Supervision by Dennis P. Saccuzzo, Ph.D., J.D.

Module 15 (2002) One General CE Credit/Hour and One CE Credit/Hour in Ethics
•APA’s Revised Ethics Code: Implications for Professional Practice by Jeffrey E. Barnett, Psy.D.
•Competencies for Quality Health Care: National Perspectives by Cynthia D. Belar, Ph.D.
•Just One More Time: Competencies as a Refrain by Nicholas A. Cummings, Ph.D., Sc.D.
•Psychological Health Care by Ronald F. Levant, Ed.D., MBA
•Social Responsibility in the 1992 and 2002 APA Ethics Codes by Erica H. Wise, Ph.D.
•Child Custody Evaluations: A Risky Business by Richard J. Morris, Ph.D.

Module 16 (1999) One CE Credit/Hour in Ethics
•Multiple Relationships by Erica Wise, Ph.D.
•Ethical Issues and the Professional Practice of Psychology: A Case Study by Richard J. Morris, Ph.D.
•Review of Articles by Wise and Morris by Jeffrey N. Younggren, Ph.D.
•Ethical Issues and the Professional Practice of Psychology (2): A Case Study  by Richard J. Morris, Ph.D.

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