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Module 4 (2014) One CE Credit
•The Internship Training Consortium: Benefits, Challenges, and Potential Contributions to Mitigating the Supply-Demand Imbalance by Diana M. Concannon, PsyD

Module 1 (2006) One CE Credit/Hour
•The New Prominence of Practicum Training in Professional Psychology: A Guide for Practicum Supervisors and Trainers by Robert Hatcher, Ph.D.

Module 2 (2005) One CE Credit/Hour
•Online Video Supervision: A Case Study by George Hurley, Ph.D. and Kellie Hadden, Ph.D.

Module 3 (2002) One CE Credit/Hour in Ethics and Legal Issues
•Liability for Failure to Supervise Adequately: Let the Master Beware by Dennis Saccuzzo, Ph.D., J.D.

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