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Areas of Expertise

Module 38 (2016) One CE Credit
Job Strain and Burnout in Military Psychology by Mark A. Staal, PhD, ABPP, and Joseph L. Bonvie, PsyD, ABPP

Module 37 (2016) One CE Credit
Self-Renewal for Correctional Psychologists: Common Challenges and Successful Solutions by Philip R. Magaletta, PhD,and Rokas Perskaudas, MA

Module 36 (2016) One CE Credit
Elusive Connections Between Cancer and Emotions: A Distressing Journey for Psychologists and Their Patients by Ana L. Thomat, PhD, and Roger P. Greenberg, PhD

Module 35 (2016) One CE Credit
Individual and Organizational Influences on the Well-Being of Psychologists  by John F Christensen, PhD, and David S Shen-Miller, PhD

Module 34 (2016) One CE Credit
Assessing Wellness in Psychology: Examples from Medicine by Jodie Eckleberry-Hunt, PhD, ABPP and Heather Kirkpatrick, PhD, ABPP, MSCP

Module 33 (2015) One CE Credit
•School Psychologists and School-Based Medicaid Reimbursement by Katie Eklund, PhD, NCSP, Nathaniel von der Embse, PhD, NCSP and Kathleen Minke, PhD, NCSP

Module 32 (2014) One CE Credit
•Psychological Services for Consumers with HIV: Intersecting Themes by Theodore R. Burnes, PhD

Module 31 (2014) One CE Credit/Hour
•Addressing Sleep Disorders in Service Members and Veterans by William Brim, PsyD and Diana C. Dolan, PhD, CBSM

Module 30 (2014) Two CE Credits/Hours
•Gifted Children and Adults--Neglected Areas of Practice  by James T. Webb, PhD

Module 29 (2013) Two CE Credits/Hours
•The Assessment of Childhood Trauma by Steven N. Sparta, Ph.D. and Robert T. Kinscherff, Ph.D., J.D.

Module 28 (2013) Two CE Credits/Hours
•Media and Social Networks: New Tools for an Old Problem by Amy Rossmeisl, Nomi-Kaie Bennett, Tiffany Brown, Billy D. Holcombe, Heather Key, Karisma Turner, and Robin Young

Module 27 (2013) One CE Credit/Hour
•The Psychology Workforce: Trials, Trends, and Tending the Commons by William N. Robiner, Ph.D., A.B.P.P., L.P., John A. Yozwiak, Ph.D.

Module 26 (2013) Two CE Credits/Hours
•Giftedness and Gifted Education: Reconceptualizing the Role of Professional Psychology by Frank C. Worrell, Rena F. Subotnik, Paula Olszewski-Kubilius

Module 25 (2012) One CE Credit/Hour
•The State of Rural Mental Health: Caring and the Community by Jackson Rainer, Ph.D., ABPP

Module 24 (2012) One CE Credit/Hour
•What Psychologists Need to Know About The Impact of Hearing Loss by Samuel Trychin, Ph.D.

Module 23 (2012) One CE Credit/Hour
•Diagnosis and Treatment of Substance Use Disorders in Service Members: Implications for Health Service Psychologists  by Vladimir Nacev, Ph.D., ABPP

Module 22 (2012) One CE Credit/Hour
•Intervening During Childhood and Adolescence to Prevent Mental, Emotional and Behavioral Disorders by by Glenace E. Edwall, Ph.D, Psy.D

Module 21 (2012) One CE Credit/Hour
•Why Treat Insomnia and What is CBT-I? by by Michael L. Perlis Ph.D

Module 20 (2011) Two CE Credits/Hours
•The Role of Mental Health Care Providers in the Identification and Early Intervention of Eating- and Weight-related Problems  by Denise E. Wilfley, Anna Vannucci, Juliette Iacovino

Module 19 (2010) One CE Credit/Hour
•The Role of Telehealth in Treating Military Personnel by Raymond A. Folen, Ph.D., Stephen L. Jones, MD, Melba C. Stetz, Ph.D., Brenda Edmonds, Psy.D., and Judy Carlson, Ed.D.

Module 18 (2009) One CE Credit/Hour
•Blamed Victims: The Psychological Impact of the Recession on Financial Professionals by Patrick Chitwood, Ph.D., CPA

Module 1 (2009) One CE Credit/Hour
•Hospice and Psychology: The Need and the Opportunities by Rudy V. Nydegger, Ph.D.

Module 2 (2007) One CE Credit/Hour
•The Place of Spirituality in Psychological End of Life Care by Erin L. Moss and Keith Dobson, Ph.D.

Module 3 (2006) One CE Credit/Hour
•Promoting Youth Development by Strengthening Civic Engagement by Lonnie R. Sherrod, Ph.D.

Module 4 (2006) One CE Credit/Hour
•Competency In and With Older Adults by Norman Abeles, Ph.D.

Module 5 (2006) One CE Credit/Hour
•A Model of Service Delivery: Meeting the Behavioral Healthcare Needs of Community Residing Older Adults by Paula Hartman-Stein, Ph.D. and Leslie McClure, Psy.D.

Module 6 (2006) One CE Credit/Hour
•The Triple P System by Matthew R. Sanders, Ph.D. and Ronald J. Prinz, Ph.D.

Module 7 (2005) One CE Credit/Hour
•Cognitive Therapy for Chronic Pain by Beverly E. Thorn, Ph.D.

Module 8 (2005) One CE Credit/Hour
•The Neurophysiology of Pain: Where Brain and Mind Meet by Kathleen S. Brown, Ph.D.

Module 9 (2005) One CE Credit/Hour
•Intimate Relationships, Psychological Abuse and Mental Health Problems by Linda Berg-Cross, Ph.D.

Module 10 (2004) One CE Credit/Hour
•Disaster Psychology by Susan Hamilton, Ph.D.

Module 11 (2004) Two CE Credits/Hours
•Empirically Supported Treatments (ESTs): Context, Consensus, and Controversy by John C. Norcross, Ph.D.
•Alzeimer’s Caregiving in Rural Communities: Can Telehealth Help? by Robert L. Glueckauf, Ph.D.

Module 12 (2002) One CE Credit/Hour
Caring for Ourselves as Psychologists by Ellen K. Baker, Ph.D.
•Psychotherapy Integration 101 by George Stricker, Ph.D.
•Children's Mental Health Needs and School Psychology by Laura Barbanel, Ed.D.

Module 13 (2002) One CE Credit/Hour
•Fieldnotes from the Interface by Scott Meit, Psy.D. and Van Yasek, Ph.D.
•Managing Risk in a University Training Clinic by Jean Spruill, Ph.D.
•The Helper’s Power to Heal and To Be Hurt, Or Helped, By Trying by B. Hudnall Stamm, Ph.D., E. M. Varra, Ph.D., L. A. Pearlman, Ph.D. & E. Giller, M.A.
•Finding Evidence for Cautious Optimism in Clinicians’ Judgement of Older Adult Patients with Character Pathology by George Stricker, Ph.D., and Jennifer Hillman, Ph.D.

Module 14 (2002) One CE Credit/Hour
•In the Aftermath by Kathie G. Larsen, Ph.D.
•An Introduction to Executive Coaching by Mary Kralj, Ph.D.
•Trends in Telehealth by Morgan T. Sammons, Ph.D.

Module 15 (2001) One CE Credit/Hour in Ethics and Legal Issues
•Who is a Client or Patient? by Erica H. Wise, Ph.D
•Practicing Psychotherapy on the Internet by Marlene M. Maheu, Ph.D.
•Addressing Ageism in Elderly Sexuality by Jennifer Hillman, Ph.D.

Module 16 (2001) One CE Credit/Hour
•Fiddling While Psychology Burns? by Peter E. Nathan, Ph.D.
•Another View of Empirically Supported Techniques by George Stricker, Ph.D., Adelphi University
•Treatment of Serious Mental Disorders by Lawrence Mark Perlman, Ph.D.

Module 17 (2000) One CE Credit/Hour
•The Face of 2010: A Delphi Poll on the Future of Psychotherapy by John C. Norcross, Ph.D., Melissa Hedges, B.S., and James O. Prochaska

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