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Getting Started

Each Registrant can Log In to their individual CE profile with their last name and Registrant ID. Once logged in, the Registrant can order a CE Module and take the exam, as well as view each Module they've already completed or continue an exam they've previously saved. The profile will also show the date each exam was taken, and whether the Registrant passed or failed. Certificates for each exam successfully completed will be available to view or print at any time in this section.

How to Earn CE Credits
(if this is your first time earning CE credits on this site, you may want to print these instructions.)

  • The continuing education on is divided into topics. Each topic contains a series of modules on selected articles from National Register publications.
  • On the left side of the screen click on a topic and then click the module that you would like to complete. Read the article(s) for that module, paying special attention to the learning objectives. (You may either read the articles on the computer or print them out.)
  • When you've finished reading an article, and are ready to take the exam, click on the button at the top of the page that says "Add this Exam"
  • The screen will display your individual CE account and exam history. Under the Module you're ready to complete, click Take Now. Once in the exam, you will simply answer each question by clicking on the button next to the answer you want to select. If you're not sure you understand how to complete the exam, there is a link at the top of the screen for Exam Tips.
  • When you have finished answering all questions, click Grade Exam. If you cannot complete the exam in one sitting, click Save Exam - Continue Later at the bottom of the page. To return to the exam at a later time, simply Log In and click Continue Taking under the correct Module.
  • You will immediately be given the results of the CE Module you've completed, including the number of answers correct/incorrect and the score percentage. If you've passed the exam, you will then be asked to complete the evaluation form. If you did not pass, you are allowed to retake the exam once more.
  • The evaluation form will ask questions about your overall satisfaction with the CE Module, as well as whether the specific learning objectives were met. When you've completed the evaluation, you will be able to view and print your CE Certificate.
  • You may then Log Out, or complete any additional CE Modules.


If you have any questions or difficulties that aren't addressed above, check the Frequently Asked Questions.

If you would like more information on the grievance procedures, please review The National Register’s Continuing Education Program Grievance Procedures.

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